Have Fun with PDF files

PDF stands for Portable Document Format
Click on a thumbnail (the small pictures) to see the PDF file
You will nead a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader
Or the RISC OS progam !PDF to read these PDF format files

The small thumbnails are in JPEG format

Spring Spring Flowers

This file is mainly pictures of flowers
There is only a small amount of text
Slides Slides 1

This PDF has been created using
the RISC OS Fonts, Plantin and Gill
These fonts are rendered as bitmaps
Slides Slides 2

This PDF has been created using
the RISC OS Fonts Homerton and Trinity
These fonts are not rendered as bitmaps
Reading PDFs Reading PDFs

Advice about reading PDF files which use those
RISC OS Outline Fonts which are rendered as bitmaps

Modified on 15th August 2006

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