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PipeDream for RISC OS is Freeware

PipeDream can be downloaded and redistributed as part of a software bundle.

To download the 32 bit Freeware Version of PipeDream 4.51 - Click Here

To download the associated Utilities, Examples and Tutorials - Click Here

To download a version of System 32 (containing recent modules which you might need) - Click Here

Open the zip files ONLY from within a RISC OS environment.
Do NOT open them in Windows, MAC OS, Linux nor any other OS.
If you do NOT open the zip archives within RISC OS then the files will be corrupted.

Although Copyright is still retained by Colton Software you are free to redistribute PipeDream.

As a totally irrelevant question ...
... have you visited the   Living with Technology  web site recently?

This Freeware Version has been uploaded to this site on 2nd February 2014 by Gerald L Fitton.