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Gerald's Column in Archive

Over the long history of the Archive magazine
Gerald has written a regular column covering many topics

These articles are available in PDF format
Click here for the Archive Articles in PDF format

The files associated with these articles are available
Click here to download the files

GoldLine and AVLine

Our GoldLine and AVLine CD Membership service
for users of PipeDream and Fireworkz
was closed at the end of 2010

On this website you will find everything
which was on the GoldLine and AVLine CDs

The GoldLine folder contains hundreds of articles describing
applications and uses of PipeDream and Fireworkz

All our GoldLine articles are available
Click here for GoldLine

Our AVLine Site is available
Click here for our AVLine site

Enjoy Technology

For many years now this site has holsted articles written
after the Living with Technology magazine ceased publication.

You can enter the Enjoy Technlogy site by
Click here to enter the Enjoy Technology site

Fireworkz for Windows

Fireworkz for Windows is an integrated word processor and spreadsheet
It will run in all Windows Environments from Windows XP onwards

Fireworkz for Windows can be downloaded from

Click here to download Fireworkz for Windows

!System Modules for RISC OS

RISC OS Open have updated their PlingSystem for
pre-RISC OS 5 users with newer modules and an improved
!SysMerge script that ought to help updating Select systems (allegedly)

If you are running the RISC OS Operating System (not Windows) then you may need
these modules to run the latest RISC OS versions of PipeDream and Fireworkz

Click here to go to the RISC OS Open website

Fireworkz and PipeDream Google Group

There is a Google Group at:

Click here to go to the Colton Google Group

I strongly recommend that suggestions which relate to wish lists, bugs, etc
for both PipeDream and Fireworkz, are posted to that Google Group
for an airing. Stuart, our lead programmer, is the owner of that group
so that 'bugs and wish lists' posted there will receive his attention.
This Google Group puts those who have ideas for PipeDream and Fireworkz
directly in contact with Stuart.

Richard Colton (the owner of the copyrights), Stuart (the lead programmer)
and I (applying the software to a whole load of applications) are determined
that both PipeDream and Fireworkz shall remain widely available
Making them Freeware has been part of our joint plan.

PipeDream is now Open Source and Fireworkz will become Open Source soon.

Fireworkz for RISC OS

Fireworkz can be downloaded from

Click here to download Fireworkz for RISC OS

PipeDream for RISC OS

PipeDream can be downloaded from

Click here to download PipeDream

5th July 2014